The Common Sense of Phonetics

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backyard garbage canIn no way do we ever want to be perceived as overly strict Wordanistas, but we need to have some very basic guidelines to keep the dictionary database reputable.

In our research of other user-submitted dictionaries over the years, we found countless examples of words that tarnish the database and just don’t seem to have a place. It may sound like we’re starting to walk down a slippery slope here, so let’s just give an example:

Qxzzptyqqzfq – The stuff in my backyard garbage can

Ok, not only is the definition lacking (we’ll get to that in another post), but the word itself makes no sense phonetically. It may be a perfect fit in a future dictionary of potential alien sounds, and we’d proudly support that, but for Ewoth Dictionary it has to get placed in our own backyard garbage canĀ Tongue Out

If you have any feedback on the matter, please send to our Contact Page or social media channels. Excellent Regards

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