BSRN features Ewoth Dictionary on BlogTalkRadio

Chris Cayer, the host of Business Speakers Radio Network (BSRN) on, interviewed Ewoth Dictionary founder David Werba today. They discussed the state of online dictionaries, new ways to track slang and made-up words, and how is going to change the whole story with its new elements. You can listen to the audio interview […]

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backyard garbage can

The Common Sense of Phonetics

In no way do we ever want to be perceived as overly strict Wordanistas, but we need to have some very basic guidelines to keep the dictionary database reputable. In our research of other user-submitted dictionaries over the years, we found countless examples of words that tarnish the database and just don’t seem to have […]

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Ewoth beginning

Ewoth Dictionary Blog Goes Live

This picture was taken several years back, mere seconds after founder David Werba came up with the name “EWOTH” which stands for “Excellent words of tremendous honor”. The prototype dictionary website at was finally built in 2012, and now we are proud to announce the Ewoth Dictionary Blog. The main purpose of the blog […]

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